What To Look For In A Gopher Removal Service

What To Look For In A Gopher Removal Service

While they may look cute and harmless, gophers can create chaos in any yard. If you’ve seen mounds or holes popping up around your garden, you may be dealing with a gopher infestation. These unwanted visitors can destroy landscapes, and their burrowing can even cause damage to your home’s foundation.

Luckily, gopher removal services can help get rid of these creatures before they cause any more damage to your yard. But with so many services out there, it can be overwhelming to know which one is best for your needs.

Here are four factors to consider when looking for the best gopher removal service near you.

Gopher Removal Methods

Different gopher removal services use a variety of removal techniques. One common method is poison bait, in which bait is dusted with toxic chemicals and placed in burrows. The poison method is more common on a large, commercial scale, but it can be dangerous in more residential cases. These chemicals are toxic for other animals and aren’t always 100% effective in removing gophers.

For residential infestations, trapping is often the more effective method. Gopher traps are not only more environmentally friendly but safer for your yard and any other animals. Be sure to consider the scale of the infestation and presence of any other animals when choosing a gopher removal service to ensure they use the safest and most effective techniques for your needs.

Cost of Services

Landscaping and yard maintenance can be expensive, so be sure to take into account pricing and your budget when searching for the right gopher removal service. Pricing will depend on your specific service requirements, so check out a company’s website or call for a quote. Costs will also depend on whether you need a one-time removal or monthly services.

Make sure to look for deals and discounts too, such as a veteran or senior discount.

Appointment and Removal Timeline

If you discover pests tunneling through your yard, it’s important to act before they cause damage to gardens, cables, irrigation lines, and more. As you’re browsing gopher removal service options, keep an eye out for fast-acting gopher control services. Same-day services and a fast timeline for initial evaluation and gopher removal will guarantee the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge and Experience

Finally, peace of mind is crucial when you’re hiring someone to help protect your garden from gophers. Look for companies with positive testimonials and years of expertise in gopher removal. Some removal companies will even stand by their work by offering an extended service warranty. Proven success and happy customers,  as well as confidence in their services, are key factors to keep in mind when selecting a gopher removal service.

The Bottom Line

While gophers can be a huge pest in any yard or garden, any good gopher removal service will work quickly to prevent any more damage. Now that you know what to expect and look for in a company, you can find the best service to protect your yard. To get started, call a gopher removal company today.

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