Transform Your Yard into a Butterfly Garden in 5 Easy Steps!


Create the perfect butterfly garden by choosing a sunny, protected site. Use broad-leafed trees and shrubs to offer cover from wind and predators. If you can't find a naturally sheltered area, consider planting a windbreak with dense conifers like spruce or juniper.

Step-1 Choose a Location for Your Butterfly Garden

Encourage butterflies to bask in your garden's sunshine. These cold-blooded beauties love soaking up the sun. Set up wind-protected perches, like flat rocks or fence posts, where they can comfortably rest and warm up.

Step-2 Don't Forget the Stones

Fill a shallow dish with a blend of soil and sand, adding just enough water to moisten it—avoid pooling. This serves as a hydration spot where butterflies can perch and soak up essential minerals. In dry climates, bury a bucket filled with this damp mix to maintain moisture.

Step-3 Supply Hydration

Pick a diverse array of blooms in various hues, shapes, and blooming periods to attract a wide variety of butterflies. They prefer tubular blossoms and are especially fond of flowers with natural 'landing pads.' Plant varieties like yarrow, coneflower, and verbena along with phlox, butterfly weed, and Joe Pye weed to ensure a season-long parade of butterflies.

Step-4 Add the Plants

Step-5 Steer Clear of Chemical Treatments

Consider your garden as a small, interconnected ecosystem. Avoid using chemical insecticides and herbicides. A varied plant mix minimizes the risk of pest overgrowth while also safeguarding native predators.