Learn how to build a sturdy, durable ramp for your shed. Perfect for riding a lawn mower in and out with ease. Let's get started!


 Measure the height from the shed floor to the ground. This will determine the ramp's slope, ensuring it's safe for riding a lawn mower.

Step 1


Purchase treated lumber, screws, and anti-slip material. You need these to build a ramp that's secure and long-lasting for riding a lawn mower.

Step 2


Cut wood planks and support beams according to your measurements. Precision ensures the ramp is fit for safely riding a lawn mower.

Step 3


Secure support beams to the shed and ground. Use galvanized screws for durability. This creates a stable base for riding a lawn mower.

Step 4


Attach wooden planks to the beams, spaced evenly. Make sure they're parallel and flat for a smooth riding a lawn mower experience.

Step 5


Apply an anti-slip material on the ramp surface. This provides additional traction, making it safer for riding a lawn mower.

Step 6


Thoroughly inspect your ramp to ensure all screws are tight and the structure is stable. Test by riding a lawn mower up and down.

Step 7


Your shed ramp is now ready! You can ride your lawn mower in and out of the shed effortlessly and safely. Happy mowing!

Step 8