How To Keep Crows Out Of Garden ? ( Updated 2023 )

How To Keep Crows Out Of Garden

Ah, so you’ve found yourself asking the age-old question: “how to keep crows out of garden?” We’ve all been there! A freshly planted garden, dreams of bountiful crops, and then, the pesky crows decide your garden is the new hot spot in town.

While they might be a bit of a nuisance, crows are no birdbrains. They’re incredibly intelligent and come with a knack for problem-solving. Think of them as the mastermind villains of the avian world. These feathered friends have a crafty side, making them both admirable and, let’s admit, a tad infuriating. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you reclaim your garden kingdom from these winged tacticians!

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Crows?

Permanently Get Rid of Crows

Ah, the perennial question – “how do I permanently get rid of crows?” First off, kudos for having such a popular garden that it’s attracted the attention of these feathered aficionados. But let’s be clear; while they might think they’re the uninvited VIPs, you’re still the bouncer of this green club.

  • Scare Tactics: Meet the scarecrow. Yeah, that old-school guy who’s been keeping gardens like yours crow-free since, well, forever. Give him a fancy hat, maybe some shiny sunglasses, and let him do his thing.
  • All That Glitters: Crows might be brainy, but they still can’t resist the allure of something shiny. CDs, aluminum foil, even that old disco ball you’ve got stored away – hang them up and watch the crows reconsider their VIP status.
  • Sound Off: Play some sounds that crows dislike. No, not your aunt’s karaoke session, but things like crow distress calls or loud bangs. Just make sure you’re not becoming the neighborhood noise pest.
  • Wet Surprise: Motion-activated sprinklers. Basically, a surprise shower for our uninvited guests. It’s fun, it’s cheeky, and trust me, crows aren’t fans of unexpected baths.
  • Remember, the aim isn’t to harm or hurt these smart birds but to gently persuade them that maybe, just maybe, there’s a better party elsewhere. Stay persistent, rotate your tactics, and soon enough, you’ll be the sole VIP of your garden again!

Sounds To Scare Crows Away

Scare Crows Away

1. Crow Distress Calls: This is like playing a horror movie soundtrack at a sleepover. Just a bit unsettling. There are plenty of devices out there that loop these sounds, warning crows that your garden isn’t the safest spot for a hangout

2. Predator Noises: Play the sounds of common crow enemies. Think hawks or even some larger mammals. It’s like playing heavy metal in a library – the crows will get the hint.

3. Bangs and Loud Claps: Crows aren’t big fans of sudden noises. A clap or a sudden bang can send them packing. Think of it as their version of hearing nails on a chalkboard.

4. Wind Chimes: Now, this isn’t exactly the ‘scare-the-feathers-off-them’ type of noise, but the consistent tinkling can be a gentle nudge towards the exit. Plus, it’s a win-win for you – a crow deterrent and a serene garden ambiance.

5. Radio Talk Shows: Okay, this might sound funny, but leaving a radio on a talk show might just do the trick. Crows think, “Humans chatting? Nope, not our scene,” and off they go. (Bonus: This also helps you catch up on current events or that juicy gossip.)

What Do Farmers Use To Keep Crows Away?

Use to Keep Crows Away

Ah, the age-old battle: Farmers vs. Crows. It’s like David vs. Goliath, only with more feathers and fewer slingshots. So, how do our green-thumbed heroes keep their crops safe from these winged raiders? Let’s break it down:

  • Good Ol’ Scarecrows: That’s right, the classic stick-and-straw man isn’t just for children’s stories or horror films. Decked out in dad’s old flannel and some oversized hats, these silent guardians stand watch. And, surprisingly, crows aren’t always fans of their fashion sense.
  • Reflective Tapes & Shiny Objects: Farmers love a little bling! Stretch out some shiny tapes across the fields, and it’ll catch the sun, dazzling and deterring our black-feathered friends. Who knew farming could be so… disco?
  • Noise Makers: From banging pots and pans to setting off propane cannons (yes, that’s a thing!), farmers know that crows aren’t fans of the next big beat drop.
  • Guardian Animals: Ever seen a crow try to outsmart a dog? Or a llama? It’s like watching a game of chess… if the pieces chased each other. Many farmers use guardian animals as both protectors of the crops and deterrents for pests.
  • Netting & Fencing: Sometimes the best offence is a good defence. Stretching nets over crops or around the perimeter can be an effective, albeit labour-intensive, way to keep those pesky breaks out.
  • Natural Repellents: Certain sprays with natural ingredients can repel crows without harming the environment. It’s like the crop’s personal brand of perfume – “Eau de Stay Away.”

The reality? Farmers get pretty crafty when it comes to outwitting crows. It’s a game of strategy, wit, and sometimes, just seeing who tires out first.

How do I get rid of crows but not other birds?

How do I get rid of crows but not other birds

Selective Feeders:

Ever tried fitting a square peg in a round hole? Similar concept. There are bird feeders designed to accommodate smaller birds but make it tricky for larger ones (like crows) to grab a snack. A buffet where the crows can’t reach the shrimp cocktail, if you will.

The Right Menu:

Crows are less picky eaters than some other birds. So, if you stock your feeders with safflower seeds, for example, the smaller songbirds will come dining, while the crows might just turn up their beaks. A bit like serving veggies at a kid’s party; not everyone’s gonna dig in.

High & Mighty Perches:

Crows, being the larger and heavier avians, prefer more stable perching. Thin, swaying branches? Not their style. If your bird feeders sway like a hammock in the wind, it might just deter our chunkier crow friends.

Location, Location, Location:

Place your feeders closer to busier areas of your yard or near windows. The smaller birds will adapt, but crows, being a bit more skittish of human activity, might think twice. It’s like choosing a seat at a concert; some prefer the front row, others the exits.

Gentle Deterrents:

Things like wind chimes or shiny objects might not faze your petite bird pals, but crows? They’re not fans of the unexpected glitz and glamour.

What do crows hate the most?

Crows, with their distinct black feathers and notable intelligence, have been the subject of many tales and observations. But just like every creature, there are certain things they aren’t particularly fond of. Let’s delve into what tends to deter these birds.

  1. The Glitz and Glam: For birds that dress all in black, crows certainly don’t appreciate sparkle. Shiny objects like foil, reflective tape, or even old CDs (remember those?) can make crows rethink their landing decisions. Perhaps they just don’t want any competition for their sleek look.
  2. That Dreadful Playlist: Whether it’s a recording of crow distress calls, loud bangs, or perhaps even some genres of music (maybe country or heavy metal?), these birds prefer their soundscapes a bit more mellow. Just don’t play any bird songs from rival species. That’s just throwing shade.
  3. Those “Fashion-Forward” Scarecrows: The OG crow deterrent! Dressed in last decade’s clothes and often spotted with a bird-brained expression. Sure, not all crows fall for them, but a well-made, frequently-moved scarecrow can still give them the heebie-jeebies.
  4. Clingy Nets: Try flying into a place, and suddenly, there’s a net cramping your style. Protective netting over gardens or crops? Not on a crow’s list of favourite things.
  5. Over Enthusiastic Guardians: Dogs, cats, or even the occasional llama – animals that patrol the grounds can be a real party pooper for crows looking for a snack. It’s the equivalent of trying to sneak a cookie only to find grandma watching with a hawk-eye.
  6. Limited Dining Options: Crows aren’t exactly foodies, but they are opportunists. If their favourite treats are hard to come by (due to selective feeders or spicy repellents), they might look for other dining establishments.

What is a Natural Way to Repel Crows?

Natural Way to Repel Crows

Navigating the world of avian dislikes is a bit like understanding why kids suddenly won’t eat their once-favourite food. “It’s green, Mom!” But fear not, if you’re looking to steer crows away naturally, without causing any harm, here’s your eco-friendly cheat sheet:

  • Spice Up Their Life: Ever tried snacking on something only to find out it’s unexpectedly spicy? That’s the idea here. Sprinkle some crushed chilli or cayenne pepper around your garden. Crows might just decide it’s a bit too zesty for their taste.
  • The Grapevine Says: Birds, including crows, aren’t fans of the taste of grapes – or more specifically, grape concentrate. A natural repellent spray with this as an ingredient could be your garden’s new best friend.
  • Good Ol’ Garden Hose: No, I’m not suggesting you have a water fight with the crows (though it sounds fun). But a motion-activated sprinkler can give them a surprising, yet harmless, splash, convincing them to set up shop elsewhere.
  • Bright and Breezy: Strings of shiny objects fluttering in the wind – from aluminium foil strips to old CDs – can be both a garden decoration and a crow deterrent. They get distracted by the shininess, like magpies at a jewellery store.
  • Planting a Statement: Certain plants can be a turn-off for crows. Consider planting things they find less appetising, and they might just yawn and move on.
  • Essential Oils Aren’t Just for Spa Days: Spraying a mix of water with some peppermint or lavender essential oil can be soothing for us but off-putting for our feathered frenemies.

Watch Video To Keep Crows Out Of Garden

How To Keep Crows Out Of Garden – FAQS

Why do crows love my garden so much?

Think of your garden as a crow’s favorite café. It has all they want: food, cozy spots, and maybe even some drama with other birds. Can you blame them?

What are crows super not into?

Crows aren’t fans of disco balls (shiny objects), spicy birdseed buffets (chili pepper), or unexpected pop concerts (loud noises). They also don’t particularly like areas with lurking cats or dogs.

Is it true crows remember faces? Like, should I avoid crow side-eye?

Absolutely! Crows are the neighborhood gossips. If you upset one, you might just become the talk of the crow town. So, wear sunglasses or just be nice!


Finding out how to keep crows out of the garden is an intriguing dance between understanding nature and protecting our beloved greens. Crows, with their unparalleled intelligence and occasional mischievous streaks, challenge us to think outside the bird-box. But with a touch of innovation and natural deterrents, we can ensure our gardens remain as serene sanctuaries. It’s not about outright banishing these feathered fellows, but learning to coexist and share our outdoor spaces. Here’s to gardens full of vibrant colors, peaceful bird songs, and a tactful way to kindly suggest crows admire from a distance. To flourishing gardens and harmonious bird-human relations!

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